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Copper Fit Heat Retention Compression Socks

  • Copper infusion is significantly better at retaining heat to fight Raynaud's
  • Compression socks promote blood flow to help keep your feet warm
  • Comfortable cushioned footbed is great for numb, uncomfortable feet
  • Easy to take on and off thanks to graduated and soft compression fibre
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Brand:  JML

Copper Fit Heat Retention Compression Socks

To fight Raynaud's disease, you need to keep as much heat as possible in your socks and copper fibres absorb heat quickly but hold it for a long period of time. Using these qualities to your advantage, the Copper Fit Heat Retention Compression Socks are made from fibres infused with copper during the manufacturing process and provide compression to promote blood flow encouraging your extremities to stay warm.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Pair of Copper Compression Socks

Do the Copper Fit Heat Retention Compression Socks Help with Other Problems Too?

These socks are excellent at retaining heat, but their cushioned footbed, luxurious soft feel and quality compression means they will help you on long flights, drives or during sports as well. Compression encourages blood flow around the muscles of the feet, ankles and lower legs to keep warm blood moving to your feet to prevent painful numbness. These socks also fight swelling and soothe painful muscles to provide comfort beyond Raynaud's prevention.

Copper Infusion

During the manufacturing process, the fibres on these socks were infused with copper ions that aren't just excellent at retaining heat but are also anti-microbial, wick away moisture, and reduce odour for a compression sock that does more than just compress. As the infusion takes place at the fibre level it will not wash out or wear away easily, to provide you with quality support whatever you put them through.

Copper Fit Compression Sports sock Worn Standing

Suitable for Sports

The compression that these copper socks provide is ideal for use when sporting to keep your muscles tight and promote optimum blood flow. This will not only help you perform at your peak but also improve the speed and quality of your recovery. The odour eliminating copper infusion ensures your feet stay fresh, even with high intensity activity.

Are the Socks Easy to Put On?

Most compression socks are so tight that they are difficult to put on and take off, making them more hassle than they are worth. These socks are made with graduated fibre to give you all the support that you need while also always going on and coming off with ease. What's more, the soft and luxurious feel of these socks will have you thinking you're not wearing compression socks at all.

Woman Putting on the Copper Fit Compression Sock

Cushioned Footbed

For your comfort, these compression socks are designed with a cushioned footbed that targets your arches and ankles for extra support. While the extra-warmth of these socks helps to fight your Raynaud's Disease, this cushioned sole works with the copper infused fabric to eliminate any odours as well as providing extra support, ideal for feet that are uncomfortable due to cold numbness.

How Easy Are the Compression Socks to Maintain?

These socks require minimal maintenance and you can treat them as you would a normal pair of socks. The copper infused fabric won't wash out easily and has been tested to remain effective wash after wash. You can reuse these socks confident that they don't require any upkeep to provide their high heat-retention and fight your Raynaud's alongside giving the benefits of quality compression. 

Two People Walking in Copper Fit Compression Socks

Key Benefits of the Copper Fit Compression Socks

  • The copper infused fabric retains heat and warming your feet significantly more than regular socks
  • Graduated fibre provides the quality compression you need while being easy to put on and take off
  • Soft and luxurious feel guarantees a level of comfort so good you won't believe it's a compression sock
  • Copper infusion wicks away moisture, reduces odour and also provides anti-microbial resistance
  • The copper ions are bound to the fibre during the manufacturing process so they don't wash away
  • Cushioned footbed for your sole, arch and ankle to optimise the support and comfort these socks provide
  • Knee-high support that keeps your blood flow moving and muscles compressed for healthy legs
  • Prevents swelling when working on your feet for long hours or sitting down while travelling or driving
  • Aids your performance during sports to keep your legs active and helps reduce recovery time afterwards

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