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Hotteeze for Feet Self-Adhesive Heat Pads (Pack of 5)
Hotteeze for Feet Self-Adhesive Heat Pads (Pack of 5)Hotteeze for Feet Self-Adhesive Heat Pads (Pack of 5)Hotteeze for Feet Self-Adhesive Heat Pads (Pack of 5)

Hotteeze for Feet Self-Adhesive Heat Pads (Pack of 5)


In stock now  

In stock now

£5.49(Inc. 20% VAT)

Brand:  Hotteeze
Style:  Foot Warmer

Hotteeze for Feet Self-Adhesive Heat Pads (Pack of 5)

If you suffer from Raynaud's disease, you'll know that keeping your feet warm and comfortable can be a continual struggle. The Hotteeze for Feet Self-Adhesive Heat Pads are designed to help. Simple to apply yet extremely effective, a self-adhesive Hotteeze for Feet Heat Pad rapidly provides comforting warmth and continues to work for five hours.

This listing is for a pack of five pairs. The Hotteeze for Feet Self-Adhesive Heat Pads are also available for purchase in single pairs.

Suggested Applications

The Hotteeze for Feet Heat Pads are useful whenever your feet need warming up. Some example uses include:

  • Watching football matches in the cold
  • Outdoor weddings
  • Skiing
  • Fishing

Apply with Ease

Featuring a self-adhesive backing, the Hotteeze are convenient to apply to the underside of your socks without the use of adhesives or tapes. Ultra-thin and odourless, they are unobtrusive in use and provide warmth discreetly. A few minutes after application, Hotteeze for Feet will begin to produce heat at an average temperature of 37°C (102.2°F) and will continue to work for five hours.

Ideal for Active Individuals

Because the Hotteeze can be applied rapidly, generate heat quickly and have a strong self-adhesive pad that remains attached during movement, they are ideal for active individuals. Keep yourself warm by applying Hotteeze before a winter run, or store them in a pack or pocket to provide comfort on the go.


The Hotteeze works via a chemical reaction that utilises biodegradable natural ingredients. This means that once a pad has been used, it can be simply thrown away in your garden, guilt-free! The contents can be reused as a soil conditioner, contributing to the reduction of wastes, while the outer packet is combustible and does not generate toxic gases.

Key Features of the Hotteeze Foot Heat Pads

  • Easy-to-apply self-adhesive heat pads for the feet
  • Helps to alleviate the symptoms of Raynaud's disease
  • Provides warmth for up to 5 hours
  • Ultra-thin and odourless for discreet use
  • Eco-friendly and easily disposed after use
  • Engineered in Japan for premium quality

Safety Warning

The Hotteeze Foot Heat Pads should never be applied to bare skin. Always read the instructions carefully before use.

Specifications of the Hotteeze Foot Heat Pads

  • Maximum temperature: 39°C (102.2°F)
  • Average temperature: 37°C (98.6°F)
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Pad dimensions: 96 × 70mm

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