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Raynaud's Disease affects around 20% of the adult population worldwide, with up to 10 million people suffering from Raynaud's in the UK. If you're familiar with those blue fingers, red toes, white hands, and debilitating pain, then you can help us to spread the word about Raynaud's Disease – a condition that we believe is not always taken as seriously as it should be! 

Help People Recognise Raynaud's Disease

Many people can go through life without knowing they have Raynaud's Disease, or knowing the symptoms to look out for. We're here to educate people all about this condition, but to do that we need your help.

Photos of your hands going through the stages of a Raynaud's attack (turning red, white, and blue) will help us show people what they should be looking out for when it comes to recognising Raynaud's. If you'd like to join the Raynaud's gallery by sending us a photo of your experience with Raynaud's, please follow the steps below.

How Do I Submit a Photo?

Step One: Take a Photo of Your Raynaud's Disease Step One: Take a photo of your hands during a Raynaud's attack and upload the picture to either our Facebook or Twitter account (be sure to drop us a like too!).
Step Two: Sign Our Release Form Step Two: Sign our release form for your photograph, giving us permission to add it to our website.


Download Our Release Form

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Download Our Release Form
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