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Kinco Warm Grip Thermal Lined Gloves

Kinco Warm Grip Thermal Lined Gloves

  • Warm gloves that can be paired with silver gloves
  • Features a 100% acrylic knit shell for lightweight comfort
  • Knit wrist fits snugly to keep heat in and debris out
  • Palm and fingers coated with latex for extra protection
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Brand:  Kinco

Kinco Warm Grip Thermal Lined Gloves

In cold weather, fingers can become painful and stiff, leading to a loss of dexterity that makes hard work even more difficult. The Kinco Warm Grip Thermal Lined Gloves are designed to keep your fingers warm and comfortable, providing you with all the grip and dexterity you need.

During Which Activities Should I Wear the Kinco Frost Breaker Thermal Gloves?

These insulating gloves are perfect for activities that expose your hands to cold weather, particularly activities that involve working with your hands:

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Going outside during winter
  • Cycling
  • Gardening
  • Landscaping
  • DIY

Why Should I Pair These Gloves with Silver Gloves?

Silver gloves are an excellent way of retaining heat in your hands. But while they are effective at reducing heat loss, they are relatively ineffective at warming your hands back up if they are already cold. Wearing a pair of Kinco gloves in addition to thin silver ones is an ideal way to revive cold hands or endure even lower temperatures.

What Are the Features of These Thermal Gloves?

These sophisticated warming gloves come with a number of features to keep your hands comfortable:

  • Heavy acrylic knit thermal shell – the 100% acrylic shell of these gloves helps to keep wind and rain out of your gloves and away from your hands
  • Knit wrist – which stays close to your skin, creating a secure and comfortable shield between your hands and the elements
  • Latex coated palms and fingers - for additional grip and dexterity
  • Colour code polyester hem - helps to ensure the gloves longevity and marks out different sizes

How Warm Are These Insulating Gloves?

Very! The comfortable acrylic knit wrist of these gloves helps to ensure heat retention and allows your hands to begin to heat themselves up quickly. 

How Do These Thermal Gloves Maintain Dexterity?

The form fitting design of these gloves is responsible for their superior manual dexterity. By staying close to your hand they allow you something near your normal hand movement, but with the added benefits of warmth and protection.

Are These Gloves Comfortable?

A common problem with warmer gloves is that they can become stuffy and sweaty. The acrylic knit body of these gloves actively wick moisture away from your hands, so these effects should be minimised with the Kinco Warm Grip Thermal Lined Gloves.

Can I Use These Gloves for DIY?

The latex palm coating of these gloves does not only improve your grip, it is also exceptionally durable. For this reason the Kinco Frost Breaker Thermal Gloves are perfect for DIY tasks, particularly those which take you outside.

What Size of Glove Is Correct for Me?

To determine which size of glove is right for you, measure the circumference of your palm from the point that your thumb meets your hand around the base of your little finger (as shown below). To ensure accurate sizing, measure your dominant hand and consult our table:

How to measure hand circumference

Size Hand Measurement (Inches)
Small 7 - 8"
Medium 8 - 9"
Large 9 - 10"
Extra Large 10 - 10.5"

Are These Gloves Machine Washable?

These gloves are suitable for washing in washing machine without any loss of protection. This guarantees their longevity and avoids inconvenient hand washing routines.

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