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Our Guide to Keeping Warm

Feeling the freeze? At Raynaud's, we've got you covered. Our range of high quality products are designed to ensure your warmth and comfort, but with such a wide variety of products, where do you start? Check out our guide to the products that you need!

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Giving You Some Glovin'

The cold is fast arriving and so are the risks of your poor hands and feet suffering from Raynaud's Disease! Blue fingers, red toes, white hands and all pain no gain...until now, because we want to reward your Raynaud's-suffering hands! Yes, you heard us, in acknowledgement of hands and feet that struggle through the winter with this condition, we would like to give you a pair of our fantastic Silver Gloves or Silver Socks to give your hands a helping hand, or shivering feet a cosy treat this winter! 

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Treating Raynaud's Disease Infographic

Find out more about how to treat Raynaud's Disease. Raynaud's affects a vast amount of people in the UK and while for some people it is a relatively minor inconvenience, for others it can be a serious problem. Use our infographic to learn more about the treatment of Raynaud's Syndrome and visit our website for a range of products to warm you up.

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How Raynaudís Disease is Treated

Whether you suffer from Primary Raynaudís Phenomenon or Secondary Raynaudís Syndrome, there is sadly no cure for either. Those with primary Raynaudís may be lucky enough to see their symptoms fade as quickly as they came within a few years of their arrival, but for many people their relationship with Raynaudís is for the long run. While there may be no absolute cure for this chilly condition, there are ways of treating it so its impact on your everyday life can be lessened.

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​Home Treatments for Raynaudís Disease

Raynaud’s Disease may have no cure, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be managed. Taking measures against attacks of Raynaud’s doesn’t complicated and, thanks to our great range of products, can be done from the comfort of your own home!

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