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Boss Thermal Base Layer Heated Vest (300-HV100)
Boss Thermal Base Layer Heated Vest (300-HV100)Boss Thermal Base Layer Heated Vest (300-HV100)Boss Thermal Base Layer Heated Vest (300-HV100)
Boss Thermal Base Layer Heated Vest (300-HV100)Boss Thermal Base Layer Heated Vest (300-HV100)

Boss Thermal Base Layer Heated Vest (300-HV100)

  • Base layer heated vest in a convenient one-size-fits-all design
  • Ideal for Raynaud's sufferers to prevent attacks and symptoms
  • Lightweight design is non-restrictive for comfortable wear 
  • Low, medium and high temperature ranges for perfect regulation


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In stock now

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Brand:  Ultimate Industrial

Boss Thermal Base Layer Heated Vest (300-HV100)

Sufferers of Raynaud's disease need to stay vigilant in chillier months, since attacks are usually triggered by cold weather and conditions. The Boss Thermal Base Layer Heated Vest (300-HV100) is a one-size-fits-most vest for reducing likelihood of attacks while alleviating symptoms of them once an attack has occurred. With long-lasting heat, a lightweight, active fit and remote control operation with multiple heat settings, this design gives you back your confidence to enjoy cold winters and activities.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Thermal Heating Vest
  • 1 x Power Bank
  • 1 x Power Bank Charging Cable
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Remote Control Battery

How Can a Heated Vest Reduce Raynaud's Attacks?

This vest can help Raynaud's sufferers by providing warmth to the body's core, which helps improve overall circulation. When the core body temperature is maintained, the blood vessels in the extremities are less likely to constrict in response to cold or stress, reducing the frequency and severity of Raynaud's attacks. Due to its heating elements and customisable temperature settings, the Boss Thermal Vest keeps the torso and surrounding areas comfortably warm, mitigating the condition's symptoms.

How Does the Base Layer Vest Work?

Utilising innovative flexible heating panels built into the chest and back, the vest heats with three available heat settings that provide long lasting, reliable warmth at the press of a button. Designed to warm and maintain core body temperature, the breathable soft-shell material provides lightweight comfort and versatility. Control the temperature settings with the heating control located on the vest or, separately with the convenient remote control that is included, allowing the wearer to continue working without removing clothing layers to adjust the temperature settings.

Key Features

  • Comfortable one-size-fits-all design is ideal for sharing at home or for at work
  • Includes durable two-way locking hook and loop straps for a comfortable experience
  • Heating elements located on the chest and back, warming a large surface area
  • Promote blood circulation, relief from muscle pain, enhance metabolism and improve immunity
  • Low, Medium, High temperature ranges for total control of your body's temperature
  • Quick rechargeable 5V/2A power bank for use every day for hours on end provides
  • Up to 7 hours of heat on the low setting with proper layering of garments
  • Machine washable heating elements are designed to endure 50+ washing cycles
  • Includes battery operated remote control and initial battery for heat on the go

Save Money and the Planet!

Powered by a battery, this heated vest not only saves your electricity bills, it also saves the planet too! Perfect for wear during the coldest winters, this design is a more efficient way to warm you on your daily walks or excursions in the outdoors.

What Other Health Conditions Benefit from a Thermal Vest?

As well as reducing likelihood of Raynaud's attacks, this base layer vest can also alleviate symptoms from:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Anyone sensitive to cold temperatures

A Design to Fit Everyone

The active fit one-size-fits-most vest includes two-way locking hook and loop straps, easy to adjust for a secure, unrestricted fit for almost any body type. This is ideal for sharing at home, or for purchasing by larger companies for a design that is guaranteed to fit the majority of users. The straps also allow you to adjust the fit completely to your body, making this a design for a lifetime, not just a few winters.

How Warm Does the Base Layer Heated Vest Get?

With three separate settings easily select your preferred temperature range, low heat (32°C), medium heat (46°C), high heat (57°C). This ensures total comfort and safety in often dangerously low temperatures, as well as for more casual use in cold homes and outside in winter.

Who Can Benefit from the Heated Vest?

Even people without Raynaud's can benefit from a heated vest. Some examples include:

  • Outdoor enthusiasts
  • Winter sports
  • Motorcyclists
  • Construction workers
  • People working in cold environments
  • Law enforcement and first responders
  • Campers and hikers
  • Individuals with medical conditions
  • Cold offices or indoors Everyday wear

Technical Information

  • Material: Nylon
  • Colour: Black
  • Case Dimensions: 87 x 33 x 30cm
  • Case Weight: 14.8kg

Technical Documents

For more information on this layer vest, check out the below documentation:

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