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Treating Raynaud's Disease Infographic

1 October 2015

Learn More About Treating Raynaud's Disease

Treating Raynaudʼs Disease

Raynaudʼs Disease cannot be cured but prescribed medication can help control the symptoms.


Calcium Channel Blockers


Alpha Blockers


Nifedipine is the only drug licensed for Raynaudʼs and prevents blood vessels constricting.

Alpha blockers counter the bodyʼs natural hormone which constricts blood vessels.

Calcium channel blockers relax and open small blood vessels, healing skin ulcers.

Botox can be used to block nerves in the hands or feet.

A Sympathectomy strips away small nerves around the blood vessels to lessen their sensitivity. This surgery is rarely offered and in many cases must be repeated in order to make the results permanent.

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