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Raynaud's Hand Exercisers

Keeping hands moving can help to protect against some of the symptoms of Raynaud's Disease. With Raynaud's Hand Exercisers, you can keep your hands in motion while also improving your grip strength. They can be used any time to boost circulation and help you to reduce the effects of Raynaud's on your hands and fingers. For more information or a recommendation, please call our customer services team on 020 7501 1107, or email

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  • Innovative shape made from thermoplastic rubber
  • Helps increase blood circulation and warm your hands
  • Improves strength in your hands, wrists and fingers
  • Available in three strengths to fit your requirements

  • Ideal for improving performance for weightlifting, climbing, tennis and golf
  • Aids in strengthening the forearms, hands, wrists and fingers
  • Provides resistance to help develop muscles
  • Available in five different strengths to suit your requirements

  • Egg shaped hand exerciser
  • Keep hands warmed up and active against Raynaud's attacks
  • Can be warmed for an extra hand treat
  • Latex free

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