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Raynaud's Microwaveable Hand Warmers

Unlike traditional hot water bottles, which can be fiddly to fill and often dangerous to hold, Raynaud's Microwaveable Hand Warmers do not require the use of hot water. They are simply warmed in the microwaved, and can then be handled to provide warmth and relief from pain caused by Raynaud's Disease. They're typically reusable too, ensuring you can warm up your hands whenever you require it! For more information or a recommendation, please call our customer services team on 020 7501 1107, or email

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  • Can easily be heated in the microwave for effective heat therapy
  • Made of 100% natural materials; no added drugs or chemicals
  • Designed with white dots on a bright purple background
  • Wheat warmer helps to treat a stressed body and mind

  • Warm and cosy
  • Cuddly and convenient
  • Purple polyester fleece cover
  • Reusable microwaveable thermal pack

  • Alternative to traditional hot water bottles
  • Lambswool-feel fleece cover
  • Reusable microwaveable thermal pack
  • Helps to relieve pain associated with Raynaud's disease

  • Warming fleece heat pack to relieve the source of your pain
  • Ideal for providing targeted heat therapy and staying warm
  • Safely and easily heated in the microwave for extra comfort
  • Portable and slim design for use on different areas of the body


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