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Raynaud's 101: What You Need to Know

1 Comment25 September 2015

Raynaud's Disease Infographic Raynaud's 101

20 June 2021  |  15:58

I have Raynaud's, caused by hypothyroidism. Your website lists many causes of Raynaud's and I want to give you one more. It is surprising how little it take to trigger an attack. The slightest chill can cause an attack for me. Attacks can be triggered by getting out of bed at night to use the bathroom or going to check the mail without an over shirt on a cool day.
I will admit that I do like my coffee and have been informed that caffeine can cause attacks. That being said, my attacks are generally associated with taking a chill, however slight.
Thank you for letting me add my 2 cents!

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