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Heated Slippers and Silver Gloves Warmth Bundle

Heated Slippers and Silver Gloves Warmth Bundle

  • Combines heated slippers and heat-retaining silver gloves
  • Warms the hands and feet of those with Raynaud's disease
  • Slippers are warmed with two removable heat pads
  • Silver gloves are naturally antimicrobial to improve hygiene


In stock now  

In stock now

£54.99(Inc. 20% VAT)

Brand:  SnugToes


Heated Slippers and Silver Gloves Warmth Bundle

When you suffer from Raynaud's disease, hands and feet always are first to feel the chill on a cold day, and there's nothing better than slipping into a warm pair of slippers or gloves. We've combined the best of both at a reduced price with our SnugToes Funmi Heated Slippers and Deluxe Silver Gloves Warmth Bundle, including a cosy pair of slippers with removable heat pads along with a pair of heat-retaining gloves that harness the warming power of silver fibre!

Please note: The SnugToes Funmi Heated Slippers are designed primarily for the size and shape of womens' feet. For mens' feet, we recommend the SnugToes Arola Heated Slippers.

What's Included?

Sizing Information for SnugToes Slippers

To find the right size slippers for you, simply take your UK shoe size and consult the table below. For a more precise fit, we recommend removing an existing insole from a pair of your shoes and measuring it at the longest and widest point as shown in the image below.

Once you have this measurement, please consult the sizing chart beneath to select the correct size slippers for you.

How to measure your foot

Slipper Size Dimensions (Length x Width)
UK Size 4 245 x 85mm
UK  Size 5 255 x 89mm
UK Size 6 260 x 90mm
UK Size 7 265 x 90mm
UK Size 8 278 x 96mm

Sizing Information for Raynaud's Deluxe Silver Gloves

Quickly find the correct size Raynaud's Disease Deluxe Silver Gloves for you by choosing from the three available sizes below:

  • Extra Small – Normally suitable for children, or women with smaller than average hands
  • Small/Medium – Normally suitable for women with average sized hands or men with smaller hands
  • Large/Extra Large – Normally suitable for men, or women with larger sized hands

For a More Precise Fit...

If you've got a little more time, our product experts highly recommend taking one quick measurement using a flexible tape measure. Simply relax your hand and measure the circumference of the widest area of your palm (normally just below the knuckles), as demonstrated in the image below.

Once you have your measurement, please consult the sizing chart beneath to select the right size for you.

How to find the perfect size Raynaud's Silver Gloves for you

Glove Size Palm Circumference (cm)
Extra Small 16.5 - 18cm
Small/Medium 18.1 - 23cm
Large/Extra Large 23.1 - 28cm

Sizing Top Tip

  • If your measurement falls near a sizing boundary, gloves on both sides of the boundary are likely to fit you. Select the larger size if you prefer a looser fit and the smaller size if you want a closer fit.

What Makes the Warmth Bundle Ideal for Raynaud's Syndrome?

This pack is ideal for just about anyone who finds that their hands and feet feel the chill on colder days, which is especially common among Raynaud's sufferers. Combining a cosy plush pair of slippers from SnugToes along with our best-selling deluxe gloves infused with heat-retaining silver fibre, this pack is a great choice for keeping both your hands and feet warm.

How Do SnugToes Warm My Feet?

The secret behind the incredible warmth of SnugToes Heated Slippers is the two removable heat pads that are concealed in pockets over your toes. Once these pads are inserted, you'll feel warmth through your toes and feet that will make even the chilliest floors feel cosy. The soft and warm materials will then keep the heat in, boosted by the gentle elastication that hugs your feet to keep you warm.

How Do the Deluxe Silver Gloves Keep My Hands Warm?

The seamless Deluxe Silver Gloves contain 12% silver in their knit, which helps to reflect your body's natural warmth inwards to keep you warm. The majority of the silver thread is woven inside the gloves and rests directly against the skin, making them even more effective.

How Hygienic Are the Silver Gloves?

These gloves have been designed to reduce perspiration and also have an antimicrobial fabric, making them more hygienic when compared to some of the other best gloves for cold hands. Since silver is naturally antimicrobial, your gloves will stay fresh and clean for longer in between washes, which is great if you use gloves while walking or running.

Will These Gloves Work with a Touchscreen?

Yes, due to the conductive nature of silver fibre, these gloves will work very well with a touchscreen. This allows you to use your phone and answer calls, all while keeping your hands toasty and warm.

How Long Will SnugToes Stay Warm?

If the heat pads are inserted into these warming slippers right after heating, you'll be able to keep them warm for their maximum length of time. While this will vary based on the ambient temperature, you'll be enjoying heated feet for hours on end!

How Comfortable Are SnugToes?

Designed with a combination of soft materials and a memory foam sole, these cosy slippers will be soft and comfortable whether you're sitting or walking around the house. The non-slip soft rubber outer sole ensures you'll have good grip on the ground, making these slippers comfortable and safe enough to take the heat with you all around the home.

Will These Slippers Grip My Floor?

A common problem with slippers is that they won't provide good grip on tile floors, or aren't warm enough to use on the coldest of floors. With insulating materials and a non-slip rubber sole, these slippers are an ideal pair of house shoes for all sorts of flooring, and will keep your feet cosy and warm on even the coldest stone floor!

How Do I Heat the Heat Pads?

The removable heat pads can be heated in a number of ways, whether in the microwave or a pot of boiling water. To heat the pads, follow these simple steps.

To Heat in the Microwave

  1. Heat the pads in the microwave for approximately 10 seconds
  2. Check that the desired temperature has been reached
  3. Heat in additional 5 second intervals until the desired temperature is reached

To Heat in Hot Water

  1. Bring water to a boil and remove from heat
  2. Immerse the heat pad in the water for 4 - 10 minutes
  3. Check every 1 minute until the correct temperature is reached

Can I Buy Spare Heating Pads?

Yes, spare heat pads are available for these slippers. You can purchase these on the product page for the Pair of Spare Heating Pads for SnugToes Heated Slippers.

Key Features

  • Combines two warming products in one for warm hands and feet
  • Slippers are supplied with two removable heat pads for warmth as you move
  • Plush polyester inner cover provides a soft feel against the skin
  • Gloves include 12% silver woven into the thread for remarkable heat retention
  • Slippers stay warm for hours on end for a full day of warmth
  • Gently elasticated cuff of the slippers helps the heat stay in while providing a snug fit
  • Memory foam insole provides cushioning and comfort as you walk
  • Non-slip soft rubber outer sole provides grip while walking
  • Slippers are machine washable at 30°C
  • Gloves can be hand washed up to 30°C

Please note: Microwave heating times are based on a 600W microwave, adjust your times accordingly to suit the power of your microwave. Heat pads can burst if overheated.

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