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Mens' Warming Antimicrobial Copper Pyjamas (Pack of 10)
 Mens' Warming Antimicrobial Copper Pyjamas (Pack of 10)Mens' Warming Antimicrobial Copper Pyjamas (Pack of 10) 

Mens' Warming Antimicrobial Copper Pyjamas (Pack of 10)

  • Pack of ten warm pyjamas infused with copper fibres
  • Ideal for Raynaud's sufferers who get cold at night
  • Copper fabric works to keep heat in for cosy sleep
  • Supplied at a reduced price – ideal for care homes


Currently unavailable. Please check back soon  

Currently unavailable. Please check back soon

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Brand:  Copper Clothing

Mens' Warming Antimicrobial Copper Pyjamas (Pack of 10)

While Raynaud's usually targets the hands and feet, sometimes your whole body can feel cold on a chilly night without the right sleepwear. The Mens' Warming Antimicrobial Copper Pyjamas (Pack of 10) are an ideal choice for all sorts of reasons, as they're infused with copper fibres to help keep heat in and kill bacteria to ensure you stay warm, comfortable and hygienic.

What's Included?

Multipack At a Reduced Price

This multipack includes ten pairs of pyjamas at a reduced price. This is an excellent option for care homes and hospitals looking to outfit multiple patients, as the copper-infused fabric will help to improve hygiene, increase warmth and reduce infection risk.

Are These Pyjamas Suitable for Raynaud's Disease?

The copper fibre woven into these soft pyjamas helps them retain plenty of your body heat, making them a great option for those with Raynaud's disease. For full-body warmth during the night, we recommend using these pyjamas with gloves and socks from our Raynaud's Copper Clothing section!

How Comfortable Are These Pyjamas?

While the health benefits of the copper fibres in these pyjamas cannot be overstated, when choosing nightwear we all know that comfort and warmth are of the utmost importance. Made with a mix of copper and bamboo fabric, these pyjamas are extremely soft and smooth with no spurs to irritate eczema or dry skin sufferers. This makes them the cosiest and most comfortable pyjamas around with addictively comfortable softness!

Do the Copper Pyjamas Wick Away Sweat?

Bamboo fabrics are known for their excellent moisture-wicking properties, and these pyjamas are no exception. Using deowear-infused bamboo fibre and copper to their full capacity, these pyjamas keep you fresh, clean and dry, making them the ultimate in high-performance sleepwear. 

Which Size Do I Need?

To find the perfect size pyjamas for you, measure around the thickest part of your chest, as well as your waist.

Size Chest Circumference Waist Circumference
Medium 38 - 40" (96 - 102cm) 33 - 35" (84 - 89cm)
Large 41 - 43" (104 - 109cm) 36 - 38" (91 - 97cm)
Extra Large 44 - 46" (112 - 117cm) 39 - 41" (99 - 109cm)

What Kinds of Bacteria Can Copper Kill?

The antimicrobial properties of copper are well-known in the medical field, and copper-infused fabrics have been shown to be effective at killing a wide range of bacteria and viruses. Published medical journals have proven that copper fabrics can kill a range of viruses including Influenza (H1N1 / H9N2) in under 20 minutes, and a 2014 study by Copper Clothing Ltd showed that copper-infused fabric achieved a 99.9% reduction and destruction of a coronavirus within 10 minutes.

Please note that the copper fabric used in these pyjamas has not yet been tested against the current COVID-19 strain of coronavirus.

Why Are Copper Pyjamas Ideal for Care Homes?

Many people feel there is little need to wash their pyjamas regularly, and that attitude couldn't be more wrong. This is especially true care homes, where pyjamas can be worn for long periods of time, leading to harmful build-ups of bacteria that can exacerbate health concerns in all sorts of ways. The Antimicrobial Copper Pyjamas defend against these bacteria and have been tested and proven to be anti-MRSA, making them perfect for hospital and care home environments.

Can These Pyjamas Improve Skin Health?

Studies have shown that copper-infused fabric reduces the tell-tale signs of ageing in the skin by promoting blood flow, collagen and elastin. This helps to keep your skin fresh and vibrant, and these properties have also been shown to drastically reduce dry and itchy skin. 

How Does Copper Kill Bacteria?

The graphic below provides a simplified explanation of how copper ions can kill harmful viruses and bacteria.

How Does Copper Kill Bacteria?

Will These Pyjamas Stay Antimicrobial and Warm After Washing?

Don't worry when washing your Antimicrobial Copper Pyjamas, as the copper ions are bonded to the fabric on a molecular level. This means that your pyjamas will keep their heat-retaining and bacteria-killing properties for as long as you own them!

How Often Should I Wash My Pyjamas?

While many people go two weeks or more without washing their pyjamas, that simply isn't enough! The human body sheds between 30 and 40 thousand skin cells per hour and some experts, such as Professor Sally Bloomfield of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, suggest that pyjamas should be washed at least once per week, or around the same amount as your bedsheets. The antimicrobial properties of these Copper Pyjamas will make them stay fresher than most, but you'll still need to wash them regularly.

Where Else Are Copper Fabrics Used?

Copper-infused fabric, just like the kind found in these pyjamas, is currently used by NASA and some of the world's leading militaries for its beneficial effects. Providing superior odour control and antimicrobial properties while staying lightweight, comfortable and breathable, you can be sure that if these fabrics are good enough for them, they'll be good enough for you.

Natural and Drug-Free

Antimicrobial pyjamas, along with other Copper Clothing products, provide a multitude of health benefits to sufferers of allergies, infection, Raynaud's disease and more, and will maintain these properties wash after wash. This makes them one of the best natural, drug-free non-invasive solutions to these problems on the market.

Copper Clothing on the BBC

Watch the video below to see Copper Clothing's feature on BBC's 'The One Show'.

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