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Hotties Quilted Burgundy Microwaveable Heat Pad

Hotties Quilted Burgundy Microwaveable Heat Pad

  (1 Review)
  • Burgundy microwaveable heat pad
  • Ideal for coping with Raynaud's disease symptoms
  • Gentle warmth aids circulation
  • Safer than standard water bottles


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In stock now

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Brand:  Hotties

Hotties Quilted Burgundy Microwaveable Heat Pad

With a versatile design resembling a water bottle, the Hotties Quilted Burgundy Microwaveable Heat Pad can be used to manage symptoms of Raynaud's disease, or to relieve aches and pains in different parts of your body. Despite being as effective and comforting as a hot water bottle, this microwaveable heat pad is a far safer, easier to use alternative, and can provide up to four hours of heat per at a time.

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What's Included?

  • 1 x Quilted Burgundy Hotties
  • 1 x Hotties Thermal Pack

How Can the Hotties Heat Pad Help My Raynaud's Disease?

This hand sewn heat pad stays warm and toasty for up to four hours at a time and resembles the shape and size of a typical water bottle. It's therefore perfect for warming your torso or your extremities to prevent Raynaud's from developing, while its slim, lightweight design means it can easily be used at home or when you travel.

Can the Hotties Heat Pad Help With Pain?

Not only can this heat pad reduce Raynaud's symptoms by keeping you warm and promoting circulation, it can also soothe aches and pains. Heat therapy is a well-know, inexpensive, natural method of pain relief and is thought to work by increasing blood flow and oxygen to injured areas of the body, relaxing points of tension, and interrupting pain signals.

How Do I Use the Hotties Heat Pad?

The Hotties Heat Pad is very easy to prepare and use. Some brief instructions can be found below:

  1. Take the heat pack out of its cover if it stops the table from rotating
  2. Place it in your microwave, ensuring the table is able to turn
  3. Set your microwave according to the table below
  4. Flip your heat pad over halfway through heating
  5. Allow to stand for a minute before use

Read the instructions provided with your Hotties heat pad thoroughly the first time you use it.

How Long Should I Heat My Hotties Heat Pad For? 

It is best to heat your Hotties heat pad from cold, following the timing guidelines in the table below. So you won't have to re-heat your Hotties warmer while it's still cooling down, you might want to have two so you can alternate between them.

Microwave Code Power Level (IEC 705) Recommended Heating Time
B 650 Watts 3.5 Minutes
C or D 750 Watts 3 Minutes
D or E 850 Watts 2.5 Minutes
E 1000 Watts 2 Minutes

How Does the Hotties Heat Pad Work?

Every Hotties warmer contains a combination of plant based materials and water which are safely sealed inside its heat pack. As the liquid does not slosh around as much as it might in a hot water bottle, heat does not escape from the pack as easily, meaning it stays warmer for longer.

Can I Buy Replacement Hotties Thermal Inserts?

A spare or replacement Hotties heat pack is available for purchase. You can add the Hotties Replacement Thermal Inserts to your order by selecting them with the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Is the Hotties Burgundy Heat Pad Safe to Use?

Unlike many heat packs available on the market, the Hotties heat pad doesn't contain any gels or seeds, which means it is much less likely to burst aggressively if it is overheated. To properly protect yourself from burns and injuries when using your Hotties, you should never place the bare heat pad on your skin and should instead always use it with the cover provided.

Who Can Safely Use the Burgundy Heat Pack?

The Hotties Heat Pad can be safely used by most people as long as it is kept in its cover. However, if you have diabetes or a general lack of physical sensation, speak to your doctor before use.

Can I Wash My Hotties Cover?

To keep your Hotties cover clean and fresh, you can machine wash it whenever necessary. Simply place it on a cool-temperature wash (max. 40°C) with similarly coloured clothing.

Features of the Quilted Burgundy Hotties Pad

  • Does not contain any wheat, gels or waxes
  • Long-lasting, reusable design
  • Offers pain relief in addition to warmth
  • Contains uniquely designed Hotties heat pack
  • Heat helps to relax muscles and soothe joints
  • Once microwaved, Hotties pack will provide hours of warmth
  • Offers effective relief from pain in the back, joints, tummy and more
  • Will never need to be refilled, so saves water and energy
  • CE registered as a Class 1 medical device for heat therapy

Technical Specifications

  • Cover:
    • Hand Made Quilted Cotton
    • Machine Washable
  • Dimensions: approx. 33cm x 22cm x 2cm 

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Easy to use with one arm!
14 December 2023  |  Helen

I bought this as Iím due to have an operation which will have me in a sling for weeks. I love a hot water bottle but think filling it might be a bit hazardous. I donít think the heat lasts as long as a conventional bottle, but is pretty good.
I have ordered from Raynauds before and the website is good and the product arrived on time and was quick

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