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Toe Warmer Heat Pads for Therm-IC Warmer Ready Socks
Toe Warmer Heat Pads for Therm-IC Warmer Ready SocksToe Warmer Heat Pads for Therm-IC Warmer Ready SocksToe Warmer Heat Pads for Therm-IC Warmer Ready Socks

Toe Warmer Heat Pads for Therm-IC Warmer Ready Socks

  • Toe Warmer heat pads for instant heat
  • Designed for Therm-IC Warmer Ready Socks
  • Up to six hours of heat in each pad
  • Available in packs of five pairs or 20 pairs

£8.99(Inc. 20% VAT)

Brand:  Therm-IC


Toe Warmer Heat Pads for Therm-IC Warmer Ready Socks

The Toe Warmer Heat Pads provide instant warmth to feet for up to six hours. As they do not require batteries, they are incredibly thin and flexible to shape to your feet, and when worn with the Therm-IC Warmer Ready Socks the heat will spread evenly over your feet for optimal comfort.

How Many Toe Warmer Pads Are Provided?

The Toe Heat Pads are available as either a pack of 5 pairs of pads or as a pack of 20 pairs of pads. Please select your required option from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. 

How Do the Toe Pads Work?

Quick and easy to use without needing any batteries, the Toe Warmer Pads are activated by peeling off the protective layer and exposing them to the air. Once you've peeled off the layer, the adhesive surface can be positioned on the forefoot on top of the socks, and they'll get to work with targeting heat to your feet within 15 minutes.

Please note that the heat pads must not be applied directly to your skin. When placed on top of the Warmer Ready Socks, the heat will spread evenly due to the conductive design of the socks.

Can I Wear the Heat Pads with Any Socks?

While the heat pads can be worn on top of any socks, depending on the material of the socks the heat may only be concentrated to the area of the pad. If they are worn with the Therm-IC Warmer Ready Socks, the conductive material of the socks will spread the heat around your foot to provide more even warmth.

Can I Use the Heat Pads During Sports?

Yes! In fact, the heat pads are designed for use with the Warmer Ready Ski Socks, and are flexible enough for providing foot warmth during a range of sporting activities. As they are affixed to the top of your socks, they should stay snugly in place between your socks and your footwear without any problems.

How Long Will the Heat Last?

Each heat pad provides up to six hours of heat. This means that you can pop a pad on each sock before you head out of the door, and enjoy the targeted warmth as you go about your day. It also means that the heat will continue to provide comfort for your feet when you're skiing or enjoying other sports.

Can I Use the Pads More Than Once?

The Toe Warmer pads are designed for single use only. This means that each pad you use is fresh for maximum hygiene.

How Large Are the Toe Warmer Pads?

Each Toe Warmer pad measures 70 x 95mm. This should fit snugly on the top of the sock over your forefoot.

What Are the Natural Components of the Pads?

The ergonomic warmers are made using natural ingredients, so unlike some other disposable warming pads they can be disposed of in household waste. They are odourless, and contain the following components:

  • Water
  • Salt
  • Iron
  • Coal
  • Vermiculite


Please note, all Therm-IC goods are supplied with a two year warranty on electronic components! This way, you can be sure of an extended, high-value period of use.

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