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Raynaud's Foot Spas

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  • Foot massage spa massager
  • Water heating at five levels (35 - 48°C)
  • Equipped with soothing infrared lights
  • Six integrated magnets for magnetic field therapy

  • Moisturising bath for hands, feet and elbows
  • Ideal for anyone with dry, sore skin
  • Improves poor circulation
  • Promotes absorption of nutrients

  • Water heating, vibration massage and bubble massage all in one
  • Aromatherapy function for deeper relaxation
  • Comes with three exchangeable pedicure attachments
  • Features 16 integrated magnets for magnetic field application

  • Water tempering, vibration massage and bubble massage
  • Equipped with soothing infrared light dots
  • Deeper than most foot baths when extended
  • Includes one pedicure attachment (pumice stone)

  • Foot bath with pedicure attachments and soothing infrared light
  • Ideal for people suffering from Raynaud's Disease in their feet
  • Offers three types of relaxing massage for your feet
  • Equipped with three interchangeable pedicure attachments

  • Water heating, vibration massage and bubble massage
  • Includes a spray guard, draining outlet and anti-slip feet
  • Convenient to use anywhere in the house
  • Helps soothe tired and aching feet

  • Vibration massage, bubble massage and water heating
  • Comes with removable massage roller attachments
  • Includes three exchangeable pedicure attachments
  • Perfect for warming the feet of Raynaud's Disease sufferers


Page 1 of 1:    7 Items

Foot spas rapidly warm your feet, alleviating the effects of Raynaud's Disease in one of the most commonly affected areas. They also encourage blood circulation, offering more generalised relief from the symptoms of the painful condition. Foot spas are a relaxing and soothing way of treating Raynaud's Disease. If you'd like more information please contact our customer care team at

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