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SnugToes Funmi Plush Heated Slippers
 SnugToes Funmi Plush Heated SlippersSnugToes Funmi Plush Heated Slippers 

SnugToes Funmi Plush Heated Slippers

  (33 Reviews)
  • Warm and cosy slippers with removable heat pads
  • Designed for ladies' feet for use around the home
  • Gentle elastication keeps heat in and cold out
  • Available in sizes between UK size 2 and UK size 8

£25.50(Inc. 20% VAT)

Brand:  SnugToes
Style  Foot Warmer


SnugToes Funmi Plush Heated Slippers

There's nothing better than slipping your feet into a cosy pair of slippers on a cold day, but what if your slippers could warm up before you even put them on? The SnugToes Funmi Plush Heated Slippers make this a reality, combining their soft and warm materials with a pair of removable heat pads that send warmth flowing through your toes and feet – and keep it there for hours on end.

Please note: Many customers find the sizing of these slippers to be slightly small. To maximise comfort, we recommend choosing one size up from your regular UK shoe size.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Pair of SnugToes Slippers
  • 1 x Pair of removable heat pads

Sizing Information for SnugToes Slippers

To find the right size slippers for you, simply take your UK shoe size and consult the table below. For a more precise fit, we recommend measuring your foot at the longest and widest point as shown in the image below.

Once you have this measurement, please consult the sizing chart beneath to select the correct size slippers for you.

How to measure your foot

Slipper Size Dimensions (Length x Width)
UK Shoe Size 4 245 x 85mm
UK Shoe Size 5 255 x 89mm
UK Shoe Size 6 260 x 90mm
UK Shoe Size 7 265 x 90mm
UK Shoe Size 8 278 x 96mm

Which Size Should I Choose?

As they are designed with elastication, these slippers will offer a tight fit on the foot. In fact, if your feet are easily irritated, we recommend you choose one size up from your regular UK shoe size if you intend to wear the slippers for long hours in the day.

Elasticated Back Ensures a Snug Fit

SnugToes Slippers are designed and manufactured with an elasticated back to guarantee a snug, warm fit. If you are concerned about tightness and compression at the heel, we would recommend you select a size larger for optimum comfort.

Wearing Your SnugToes Slippers In

As SnugToes are designed to be a fully functional pair of slippers, you may find that at first your SnugToes are slightly tight. Simply wearing them around the house for a few days will alleviate any tightness, as the fabric will begin to loosen and adjust to the natural shape of your foot.

How Do SnugToes Warm My Feet?

The secret behind the incredible warmth of SnugToes Heated Slippers is the two removable heat pads that are concealed in pockets over your toes. Once these pads are inserted, you'll feel warmth through your toes and feet that will make even the chilliest floors feel cosy. The soft and warm materials will then keep the heat in, boosted by the gentle elastication that hugs your feet to keep you warm.

How Do I Heat the Heat Pads?

The removable heat pads can be heated in a number of ways, whether in the microwave or a pot of boiling water. To heat the pads, follow these simple steps.

To Heat in the Microwave

  1. Heat the pads in the microwave for approximately 10 seconds
  2. Check that the desired temperature has been reached
  3. Heat in additional 5 second intervals until the desired temperature is reached

To Heat in Hot Water

  1. Bring water to a boil and remove from heat
  2. Immerse the heat pad in the water for 4 - 10 minutes
  3. Check every 1 minute until the correct temperature is reached

How Do I Insert the Heated Pad?

At the top of the front side of your slipper by your ankle, you will see there is a flap that folds back toward your foot. Once you have heated your pad, simply pull this flap backward and place the heat pad inside in the area above your feet. 

Once the pad is securely in place, simply fold the flap back over and smooth out the top of the slipper for an even, warm fit!

How Long Will SnugToes Stay Warm?

If the heat pads are inserted into these warming slippers right after heating, you'll be able to keep them warm for their maximum length of time. While this will vary based on the ambient temperature, you'll be enjoying heated feet for hours on end!

How Comfortable Are SnugToes?

Designed with a combination of soft materials and a memory foam sole, these cosy slippers will be soft and comfortable whether you're sitting or walking around the house. The non-slip soft rubber outer sole ensures you'll have good grip on the ground, making these slippers comfortable and safe enough to take the heat with you all around the home.

Will These Slippers Grip My Floor?

A common problem with slippers is that they won't provide good grip on tile floors, or aren't warm enough to use on the coldest of floors. With insulating materials and a non-slip rubber sole, these slippers are an ideal pair of house shoes for all sorts of flooring, and will keep your feet cosy and warm on even the coldest stone floor!

Is There a Version for Men?

While these warm slippers are designed for the size and shape of women's feet, there's a men's version available as well! You can purchase these as the SnugToes Arola Men's Heated Slippers.

Are These Suitable for Raynaud's Disease?

Raynaud's disease causes chronically cold feet due to a lack of circulation, so keeping your feet warm and cosy can take some effort. These are an ideal solution for sufferers of Raynaud's disease around the home, keeping your feet warm for hours on end to battle the effect of Raynaud's on cold toes and cold feet.

Ideal for Enhancing Circulation

If you suffer with a condition that negatively affects your circulation, SnugToes Slippers make an excellent addition to your wardrobe. Heat therapy is proven to enhance circulation and blood flow to the lower extremities, promoting healing, rehabilitation and comfort in those recovering from injury or those struggling with mobility.

Can I Buy Spare Heating Pads?

Yes, spare heat pads are available for these slippers. You can purchase these on the product page for the Pair of Spare Heating Pads for SnugToes Heated Slippers.

Key Features

  • Supplied with two removable heat pads for warmth as you move
  • Plush polyester inner cover provides a soft feel against the skin
  • Stays warm for hours on end for a full day of warmth
  • Suitable to be worn with or without socks
  • Gently elasticated cuff helps the heat stay in while providing a snug fit
  • Memory foam insole provides cushioning and comfort as you walk
  • Non-slip soft rubber outer sole provides grip while walking
  • Machine washable at 30°C

Please note: Microwave heating times are based on a 600W microwave, adjust your times accordingly to suit the power of your microwave. Heat pad can burst if overheated.

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We offer free delivery on all orders of £40 and over. On orders below £40, a £2.95 delivery charge is applicable:

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Customer Reviews
Average Rating (33 Reviews):  
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Nice but too tight
18 December 2023  |  Wendy

These were nice slippers, appeared to be very warm even without the gel heat pads. However, even after going a size larger as advised, they were too tight around the heel area. I wore them a couple of days to see if they would loosen up but started to develop blisters. I am wearing them now as mules.

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Donít hesitate to buy
20 November 2023  |  Sam

My mum now has warm feet and weíre both delighted. I was a little sceptical when I ordered them however they are wonderful and well worth the money.

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Lovely and warm
02 February 2023  |  Vanessa

Exactly what I've been looking for.
Warm slippers with a firm sole.
As others have said, the heat pad can be tricky to insert, but they're cosy without it anyway.
I went up a size and they're a perfect fit.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

Heated slippers
21 June 2022  |  Sandra

Great for warmth and snug fit just a shame the soles arent more hard wearing.

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So warm
08 April 2022  |  Victoria

Iím a 6.5 so following the guidelines when purchasing, I went for a 7. First time you put them on itís a tight fit but they gently give a little and are soon just Ďsnugí.
They arenít beautiful slippers, but that is generally hard to find when you need them to be warm, but warm they are.
The heated toe pouch, I donít use it every time, just the bad days, and it works as well as you would imagine. What I really appreciate is the bit that makes them a bit clunky, the thick soles. Even rubber soled slippers are not immune to a cold floor, but these beauties, there is no cold floor transference at all. These are as warm as I would have hoped they would be.
The only reason I canít give them 5 stars is because they are unattractive, not ugly, just not beautiful. If you can get over the look and feel of wearing such chunky slippers, then these are divine for the toes. I would totally recommend them to a fellow cold toe sufferer, without hesitation.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

2 of 2 people found this review helpful.


Hi Victoria,

Great to hear from you. We really appreciate hearing the thoughts and feeling of our customers, especially when they go into such great detail!

We are glad you'd recommend these to a fellow Raynaud's sufferer and that they're helping keep your feet and toes warm!

We look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Kind regards,

Seth at

Warmest slippers ever
08 March 2022  |  Gill

Really warm slippers I would advise going up a size. Heat pads are a little tricky to insert but unless itís extremely cold you wonít need them

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The perfect soultion
25 February 2022  |  Samantha

My best friend bought me the slippers for Christmas. I suffer with Raynaud's multiple times through the day, getting out of bed, moving rooms, drinking coffee. Since having these slippers, I do not get it in my feet at all! This is without using the heating pad too!

If I have been out, the first thing I do is heat up the pad and put on the slippers. It has changed my life from being uncomfortable and in pain. I have had no more chilblains or blisters and now my feet are not going black after an attack. Going from waking up and spending at least an hour trying to get feeling and blood flow into my feet to just waking up and being able to make a cup of tea, honestly is such a little thing but massive for me.

10/10 I will wear these until I can't anymore and be purchasing another pair.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

Four and half stars
20 February 2022  |  Lisa

I bought the slippers due to having chilblains. I got the larger size, 7 instead of 6, as people suggested, good tip. They are so soft and warm. I haven't had to use the pads yet. Really good price, I would have given 4 1/2stars , just because I would have liked the sole to be a little firmer. I'm quite heavy on footwear and my feet can probate. But I definitely recommend them.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

Very cozy
06 February 2022  |  Helen

Slipper really help keep my feet warm - haven't tried the heated gel packs yet as haven't needed them!

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Excellent slippers
11 January 2022  |  Neil

Nice and comfy slippers, easy to heat and stay warm for hours, definitely helps with people who suffer with very cold feet.

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