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​Cold At Your Fingertips: Our Hand-Protecting Products

24 September 2015

You know what they say - cold hands, warm heart, and we’re all heart here at Raynaud’s, where we do our very best to bring you only the most effective products for fending off those awful Raynaud’s attacks through the winter months.

Cuddly Comfort

Once your cold fingertips are warmed up, try a treat for toes and feet with the Electric Footwarmer. This fantastic gadget is just as kind to Raynaud’s-effected feet as it is to tired toes, complete with “teddy lining” this plush and cuddly hug will surely heat your cold toes!

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Out and About

Main’s powered warmth is a simple and effective solution for dispelling the cold at home, but once your hands and feet are nice and warm, you’ll want to keep them that way – that’s where Silver Thread Socks and Gloves really come into their own. Made with genuine silver threading to provide the magical touch that only this precious metal can, our socks with either 9% or 12% silver and our gloves with 8% or 12% silver thread will keep the heat where you need it most.

Reflecting back 95% of the heat that touches it, slipping feet out of an electric warmer and into silver socks is a sure fire way of keeping them toasty warm for as long as possible. The same goes for our great gloves and if you ever need a thermal boost while you’re going about your daily life, remember to bring your HotRox Electric Hand Warmer!

Fully  portable, perfectly compact and offering 6 hours of heat on a single charge, forget the single-use throw-away hand warmers of the past, HotRox is the future! With fans including Raynaud’s Charities, keen gardeners, golfers and even celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, any hands that want to escape the cold should get hold of these super stylish, super simple hand warmers, the ultimate defence against the winter chill. 

Prevention is Half the Cure

Whether your suffering from cold fingers, blue hands, purple toes, numb feet or poor circulation, we’re certain to have something in our online store that can lessen the stress and strain of living with Raynaud’s Disease. 

Fend off the next attack by keeping heat on your side with our great range of heat treats at Raynaud’!

Keeping you warm when it counts

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