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How to Keep Hands Warm

We know that suffering from Raynaud's can be tough, and it can be a constant struggle to keep your hands warm. Our experts at RaynaudsDisease.com are constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest ways to battle Raynaud's symptoms in the hands. We've collated their best ideas on this page with guides on How to Keep Your Hands Warm.

6 January 2024
Best Hand Warmers for Raynaud's 2024

Hand warmers are a fantastic, time-efficient way to keep your hands warm during winter, proving perfect for those who feel the bite of Raynaud's Disease. View our top hand warmers guide below, helping you find your ideal hand warmer.

4 January 2024
Best Winter Gloves for Chilblains 2024

Chilblains and Raynaud's are often used interchangeably. Take a look at our Best Winter Gloves for Chilblains and prevent numbness and tingling in the fingers ruining your winter.

1 Comment2 January 2024  |  Eugene
Best Gloves for Raynaud's Disease 2024

If you suffer from Raynaud's disease, then you'll know cold and painful your hands can feel, no matter what time of year it is. Our Best Gloves for Raynaud's Disease are designed to keep your hands comfortable in any season.

23 October 2023  |  Amelia
Best Heating Pads 2024

With the colder months fast approaching, it's crucial for those with conditions such as Raynaud's to stay warm and comfortable. Read our guide on the Best Heating Pads 2024 to maximise your comfort this winter and throughout the year.

16 January 2023
How to Keep Your Hands Warm: Our Top Solutions

The question on every Raynaud's sufferers lips is how exactly do I keep my hands warm during winter? In this blog, we'll explain the best ways to eliminate frosty fingers, suggesting changes you can make to keep warm.

3 January 2023
Treating Cold Hands Caused by Beta Blockers

Beta Blockers are a common class of medication – if you take them and experience cold hands, you're in the right place. Take a look at our guide that includes tips, tricks and recommendations for beating sensation loss and numbness.

16 November 2022
Best Christmas Gifts for People with Raynaud's Disease

Find the best Christmas gifts for someone with Raynaud's this winter in our guide to the Best Christmas Gifts for Raynaud's Disease.

3 March 2020
Can I Use a Touchscreen with Silver Gloves?

Silver gloves are inherently touchscreen capable as silver fibres are conductive! Yet dry hands and screen protectors can wreak havoc with your ability to call, text and browse while keeping your hands cosy.

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