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How to Prevent Raynaud's in Summer 2024

2 Comments8 January 2024

For most people, Raynaud's is something that hits when the cold starts to bite. But for others with more extreme versions of the condition, summer can provide no relief. If that rings true for you, then you know how difficult it can be to balance preventing Raynaud's and preventing overheating, as a drop in temperature as the sun begins to set can quickly lead to painful numb fingers.

We've created this guide full of top tips for tackling Raynaud's in summer. This includes ways to keep the blood flowing in your hands, keep your hands and feet at a high enough temperature, and ways to ward off a Raynaud's attack if the temperature starts to drop.

Top Tips for Beating Raynaud's in the Summer

This guide covers a number of different ways to tackle Raynaud's in summer. Simply click on the below point to head on down to that area, or scroll down to view the blog in full.

Prevent the Hands From Getting Too Cold with Fingerless Gloves

Raynaud's Disease Fingerless Silver Gloves

The first thing that you can do is use fingerless products for your hands such as the Raynaud's Disease Fingerless Silver Gloves. Silver is a special material for working with colder temperature, as it can prevent heat from escaping your hands. This means that your hands stay warm throughout use.

The fingerless design on fingerless gloves makes them far easier for use during summer, as it can prevent overheating during the middle of the afternoon. But, if you're an extreme Raynaud's sufferer, they will keep the core of your hands warm, while giving you the dexterity to go about your normal day to day tasks.

Improve Blood Flow with Compression Socks and Gloves

Warm Long Copper Compression Raynaud's SocksRaynaud's is caused when blood doesn't flow properly through your fingers and hands. A way to prevent this is by using Compression Socks and Compression Gloves, which are designed to improve blood flow by gently compressing your hands and feet. Both items are anti-odour and use copper, helping to keep hands and feet fresh while also reducing bad smells.

As well as keeping the hands and feet warm, they are perfect for using while playing sports, as their thinner design can prevent over heating while reducing fatigue. Both the compression socks and gloves can also relieve symptoms other conditions such as diabetes, itchy hands and feet, dry hands and feet and more.

Use Instant Hand Warmers If the Temperature Drops Too Low

Hotteeze Hand Warmer (Pack of 10)

Another option is that you use instant and disposable hand warmers such as the Hotteeze Hand Warmer, which can be used within 10 seconds to provide outstanding, long-lasting warmth. Despite being disposable, these hand warmers can be used the minute that you notice the temperature is starting the drop.

Ultra thin and disposable, these warmers can be disposed of easily because they are biodegradable, meaning that you don't need to worry about the area around you if you are camping. The smaller design allows you to store the warmers in your pockets, ensuring that you can use them at any time in any place.

Keep Your Hands Warm For Extended Periods With Electronic Hand Warmers

HotRox Double-Sided Electronic Handwarmer with Power Bank Function

If you suffer from a more extreme form of Raynaud's, then using an electronic hand warmer such as the HotRox Double-Sided Electronic Handwarmer might be the best option for you. Perfect for going camping, taking on holiday or going for evening walks, this hand warmer can provide catered warmth for up to six hours, providing up to three different temperature settings.

The hand warmer can be recharged via a USB stick and can even be used to charge your phone. The warmer is very small and can fit in a pocket too, perfect for storing their while you go on your summer walk. As the HotRox Warmer has a number of temperature settings, it means that you can keep it on the lowest temperature in warmer conditions.

Improve Circulation, Relieve Pain and Improve Hand Health

Omni Ol Hand Warming Balm for Raynaud's Disease (12ml)The last tip is to use the Omni Ol Hand Balm, a special balm that you can use that will relieve the symptoms associated with Raynaud's Disease. The balm is designed to improve circulation and reduce inflammation, which can also reduce muscular pain, joint pain and reduce the pain caused by hand injuries. The balm is entirely natural, which reduces the chances of you developing irritable skin while improving hand health.

You can use the balm just once per day in the morning before you leave the house. It is perfect for leaving the house for extended periods, especially during milder weather during summer.

Tackle Raynaud's Now

If you suffer from an extreme form of Raynaud's, you can tackle the condition all year round. If you haven't found what you are looking for here, then we would recommend that you take a look at our Best Products for Raynaud's blog, or you could take a look at our Cold Hands and Cold Feet categories for a full range.

If you have any questions or anything you'd like to add, then leave a comment below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Margaret Limbert
10 March 2021  |  16:38

Have high hopes for my new gloves! Have avoided going out because couldn't bear the cold on my mobility scooter.

Carita Smith
20 March 2021  |  14:46

Thank you

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