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​Home Treatments for Raynaudís Disease

21 September 2015

Raynaud’s Disease may have no cure, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be managed. Taking measures against attacks of Raynaud’s doesn’t have to be complicated and, thanks to our great range of products, can be done from the comfort of your own home!

Home Remedy Tips and Tricks for Raynaud's

Wrap Up: It may be your fingers and toes that show the signs of Raynaud’s first, but you need to keep the rest of you warm too! Layers are the best way to keep cosy, and don’t forget to grab a hat as well. For the winter months, it’s a good idea to invest in heat-boosting extras like portable hand warmers or thermal shoe insoles

Stress Less: With stress believed to be one of the causes of attacks, especially with Primary Raynaud’s, being able to identify and remove yourself from stressful situations can help stop an attack from being triggered. Relaxation classes can help with stress and anxiety levels, which can lead to a range of great benefits for all aspects of your general health. A heat treat and a de-stresser can go hand in hand thanks to our range of heat pads, perfect for a warm and relaxing treatment to keep attacks away.

Exercise: Always good for you, getting some exercise into your regime can boost your overall health, circulation and energy levels. Even if you plan on sweating it out, you should still aim to stay as warm as possible, silver socks are a great no-fuss addition to any wardrobe that perform better than standard socks when it comes to heat retention. You should consult your doctor before undertaking any particularly active sports, but a little exercise every day never did anyone any harm!

Beware the Freezer: Raynaud-affected hands may succumb to an attack by something as simple as opening the freezer (in a similar way, air conditioning during the summer can also have this effect) so it’s a good idea to keep a pair of gloves nearby, or to get into the habit of wearing gloves at home. Silver gloves offer a lightweight and super warm way to keep out the cold while going about your daily tasks, their seamless design means they don't compromise your finger control even when using smartphones, or try the fingerless model for total dexterity and total warmth. With some people suffering attacks by merely holding a cold glass, this simple change to your routine can make all the difference.

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Herbal healers: Some sufferers swear by the restorative powers of herbal supplements, from fish oil to Butcher’s broom, garlic to cinnamon. While the results of these pills and potions varies from person to person, it could be that they offer some relief to your symptoms. Chinese medicine, famous for its herbal prescriptions and for the conviction of its followers, also recommends warming herbs such as ginger and peony to help with blood circulation. If herbal supplements aren’t your thing, a perfectly pleasant cup of ginger tea is also a great cold-busting beverage. 

Diet: What you eat plays a massive part in how healthy you are, and a diet of low-nutrition meals will certainly not help alleviate the symptoms of Raynaud’s disease. As with herbal supplements, keeping your body pepped up on vitamins and minerals will help you stave off winter illnesses or Raynaud’s attacks. Not only are nutritious meals good for you, making a healthy meal with warming ingredients like ginger and pepper makes them physically warming too, far better than ready meals! 

Boozy Blunders: One “solution” to Raynaud’s that you may stumble across while searching for home remedies involves the most common self-diagnosed drug of all – a quick tipple. While experience may have taught you that alcohol both warms you up and gets your blood pumping, it’s not at all recommended to make a generous nightcap your go-to choice for solving the problem of going to bed with cold fingers, not least because you may be waking up with a sore head. 

We’ve nothing against home remedies here at Raynaud’s, but we reckon they’ll be far more effective when teamed with some of our thermal garments or electronic warmers, give one a go today and stay cosy and comfy this winter.

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