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​Be Warm with Homeglow

24 September 2015

Tackling the troubles of living with Raynaud’s Disease is our goal, but for Martin Lewis, inventor of the Homeglow B-Warm Heated Seat Cover, his goals are even bigger!

A Labour of Love

The B-warm might boast all the innovative money-saving technology of a high-powered manufacturer, but it all comes down to a retired engineer in a tiny town in Wales. Martin Lewis was inspired to delve into the world of personal, affordable heating thanks to his wife, Audrey who suffers with arthritis. After wishing that their heated car seats could be removed and carried into the house with her, Mr. Lewis set about making his wife’s wishes a reality, first by trying what the market already had to offer, and finding that they just weren't good enough:

“We tried out lots of car seat heaters and looked at chair warming pads. But they were inefficient, short-lived or extremely expensive. Clearly there was a gap in the market, so I went back to basics."

Calculating Comfort

Prizing performance, cost and comfort, Mr. Lewis’ invention was based on his calculations of the human body. After understanding how many watts of body heat a sitting or inactive body produces compared to an active one, Mr. Lewis reworked several electric blanket designs to arrive at the B-Warm model, delivering optimum heat temperatures with great cost effectiveness, now available to warm homes everywhere. 

With a design that costs less than a penny per hour to use, the B-Warm has been changing lives ever since. Being able to save huge amounts of running costs in care environments while keeping residents completely comfortable with at a temperature of their choosing, or helping to fight fuel poverty, the B-Warm is far more than a simple seat cover!

Cancel Out the Cold and the Costs

Did you know that almost 10% of the UK population can't afford to heat their homes to healthy levels during the winter? Or that many offices are woefully under heated in the winter months? Homeglow have done the maths – to heat an office for an average workday with the B-Warm Seat Cover would cost a mere 4p per employee! In the same way, those who use the B-Warm in their home, as well as only paying ½ a penny every hour of use, will have actually matched the cost of its purchase with savings in heating bills within just 6 months!

Raynaud’s-Beating Heat from Head to Toe

Unlike a heat pad, hot water bottle or blanket, the B-Warm Seat Cover offers constant, balanced  heat for the entire length of the chair you’re sat in, allowing it to warm from your neck to your calves, delivering heat to especially sensitive areas like the shoulders, back and knees, perfect for Raynaud’s Disease, Arthritis, those with mobility problems and for the frail and elderly. 

Able to fit to any chair and most sofas, and bringing unbeatable savings to any home, there’s no reason not to let the B-Warm help you get through winter in cosy comfort and total warmth without worrying about Raynaud’s wreaking havoc on your health, or bills wreaking havoc on your finances! 

The Homeglow B-Warm is available at our online store, along with a range of other great items to keep you warm this winter.

HomeGlow B-Warm Heated Seat Cover

HomeGlow B-Warm Heated Seat Cover

In stock now  In stock now
  • Stay cosy in your seat when the temperature drops
  • Produces a controlled heat to keep you comfortable
  • Costs less than 1p per hour to use
  • Easy operation - set up and use within minutes

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