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​Feeling Blue? Raynaudís and Discoloured Fingers

24 September 2015

Raynaud’s Disease got you feeling down or your fingers turning blue? White fingers may have become the symbol of Raynaud’s everywhere, but blue fingers are just as likely, just as painful and just as able to benefit from our range of warming products here at!

Purple Pain

Waxy white fingers can be shocking for those who are unfamiliar with Raynaud’s Disease, but it’s blue fingers (also known as Cyanosis) that are associated with the most dangerous part of a Raynaud’s attack. So what causes them?

Blue fingers occur after the initial pause in blood flow that sends fingers white, and as the area is increasingly left without a supply of oxygen-rich blood, the cold settles in. This portion of an attack is similar to how frostbite begins, and in the case of Secondary Raynaud’s when potentially serious skin ulcers can begin to form.

Not all sufferers of Raynaud’s will experience blue or purple fingers, and not necessarily in the “white, blue, red” pattern that is generally accepted as a typical attack, but for those that do it is understandably an unnerving experience, especially if it takes several hours for the attack to pass and for fingers to return back to normal.

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Out of the Blue

Primary Raynaud’s has no known cause, thankfully it is also the less serious of the two Raynaud’s types, for those who suffer from Secondary Raynaud’s, taking care of your hands is doubly as important as Raynaud’s Syndrome is linked to other diseases which may be aggravated by cold temperatures. 

Wearing gloves is the most obvious way of keeping hands heated, but slightly less obvious is knowing precisely which pair to pick. A standard knitted winter glove offers little protection for truly sensitive hands as knit offers hundreds of holes for the cold to enter through. A fleecy glove is inconvenient to wear around the house or when using gadgets like your smartphone, and cotton gloves can’t offer the thermal protection you need. But then there’s silver gloves, and they’re just right!

Silver Linings

Silver gloves really do have the magic touch, reflecting back 95% of the heat that hits them - for cold fingertips that means all that heat is heading right back where you need it! For blue fingers caused by cold and poor circulation, this may be a bit of an issue as they have no heat for the silver thread to reflect back. Our great range of personal heating products, including the compact HotRox handwarmer for use any time, anywhere.

Don’t let blue fingers make you feel blue, prevent the cause by locking out the cold with Raynaud’’s great range of gadgets and garments to warm you this winter!

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