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Gloves for Raynaudís Disease

28 September 2015  |  John

Raynaud’s disease (also known as Raynaud’s phenomenon, Raynaud’s syndrome or simply just Raynaud’s) is a condition which affects the blood vessels in the extremities. Usually triggered by cold temperatures or stress, it causes a reduction of blood flow in the extremities, most commonly the fingers and toes. One of the main ways people help prevent Raynaud’s attacks is to wear gloves to keep their hands warm.

How do Gloves Help Protect Against Raynaud’s?

Because Raynaud’s is most commonly triggered by cold temperatures, be it from a cold environment or a cold object, and because it most commonly affects fingers, wearing gloves to keep hands warm is an obvious and effective solution.

While some people who suffer from Raynaud’s will wear ordinary cold weather gloves to protect their sensitive hands from the cold, the best gloves to wear for Raynaud’s are Silver Gloves.

Silver Gloves and Raynaud’s

Silver gloves, as the name suggests, are gloves which contain silver. Specifically, silver thread. This is because silver has one of the lowest radiant heat loss rates of any element, and in silver gloves it reflects 95% of the body’s heat energy back at the skin, keeping your hands warmer for longer. 

The combination of silver thread and cotton means that silver gloves give an unparalleled level of heat retention, making them perfect for helping to protect against Raynaud’s.

How to Best Use Silver Gloves

How you use silver gloves depends entirely on the severity of your Raynaud’s disease. You should wear them whenever you get concerned about the temperature and how it might affect your Raynaud’s – there is no clear-cut guideline on when and where you should wear them. However, there is some advice which is universal for Raynaud’s sufferers wearing silver gloves. To get the best use out of your silver gloves you should team them with something with long sleeves which give a snug fit at the wrist, such as a jumper or a jacket. This is so that no cold air can get in underneath the end of the gloves, sucking heat away from your hands.

While particularly cold environments should be avoided by Raynaud’s sufferers at all times sometimes they cannot be avoided. In these cases you should wear thick cold weather gloves on top of silver gloves for the best protection possible.

If you’re interested in getting your hands in some gloves to help protect against Raynaud’s disease, head on over to and check out our range of Gloves and Silver Gloves

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