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Stay Warm While You Sleep This Winter

Wednesday, 24 January 2018  |  Admin

With winter in full swing, you're probably finding it more difficult than ever to get to sleep. If you suffer from Raynaud's disease, this season is particularly gruelling for you. Losing sleep can have a wider impact on your life than you think, often making you more terse and affecting your physical health.

Thankfully, there are some fairly simple answers to your problems. They don't involve simply turning the heating up and frittering away extra money in the process, either. Take a look at our solutions by reading our guide.

How Can I Stay Warm While I Sleep This Winter?

Staying Warm with Raynaud's Disease is Important to Your Health

At Raynaud's Disease, we've quite literally got you covered. Our range of products can be used to keep you feeling toasty throughout the night as well as the day. Often, the condition causes discomfort in a particular area of the body, especially in the extremities like your hands and feet.

As a result, wearing extra layers in these areas or using a blanket can work wonders in keeping you warm at night and helping you get to sleep. We've outlined a number of products below that can be used to help keep you feeling warm throughout the night.

Warm Your Hands

Keep Your Hands Warm with the Fleece-Cover Micro-Hottie

If you're sick and tired of waking up without any feeling in your fingertips, the Fleece-Cover Micro-Hottie is an excellent way of keeping your hands warm throughout the night. Designed with a cosy lambswool-feel acrylic fleece cover, the product will feel great against your skin while you sleep. Its patented heat pack and outer fleece can be heated in the microwave to provide you with therapeutic warmth for up to four hours.

As a bonus, using gloves or hand warmers while you sleep can also prevent your hands from becoming cracked. If you suffer from secondary Raynaud's disease, your skin is more prone to dryness, so it's important to take the necessary measures to prevent this. Using gloves or other such products help to hold the moisture in while also allowing your hands to recover from the previous day's activities.

Keep Your Feet Warm

Made of 100% natural merino wool, the Cosy Wooly Merino Sheep Wool Footwarmer Slippers keep your feet feeling comfortable all year round. The product's material helps wick away moisture so your feet feel warm, dry and comfortable. This footwear has been designed for use anywhere in the house, including in bed, so you're able to stay warm even when you wake up thirsty in the middle of the night.

Innovative Hot Water Bottle

Stay Warm While You Sleep This Winter

Filling a traditional hot water bottle can be dangerous, especially for those with shaky hands. The Noozie Electric Hot Water Bottle is an excellent alternative. This device can be plugged into the mains and charged in as little as 10 minutes!

This Electric Hot Water Bottle retains heat for far longer than the classic hot water bottle and can last up to six hours when it's used in bed. This helps you not only stay warm while you drop off to sleep but also reduces the likelihood that you'll wake up in the middle of the night because of the temperature.

Use Heat-Retaining Sheets

Although the above products are excellent for providing targeted warmth, the Warming Copper Bed Sheets for King-Size Beds are an excellent way of more effectively retaining the heat. These are made with copper, which is breathable and soft for your comfort. The material is also known for its antimicrobial and odour-reducing properties, both of which make the sheets stay clean and smell better for longer.

Wear a Personal Product

Beurer Cosy Heated Cape HD50

If your spouse is one of those people who overheats easily, Warming Copper Bed Sheets might not work for you. Instead, the Beurer Cosy Heated Cape HD50 provides you with personalised heat retention and warmth. This wrap is figure hugging so you get as much warmth as possible from it.

Designed with six different temperatures, you can personalise the level of heat you get from the Cosy Heated Cape. As it automatically switches off after around 180 minutes, you can rest assured that you'll remain safe throughout use.

So there you have it: five excellent products that you can use to fight the winter cold while you sleep. Which ones do you use in bed? Let us know in the comments or find us on Facebook or Twitter!

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