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How to Prevent Raynaud's in Toes

1 Comment6 December 2018

Raynaud's disease is extremely common, yet many people don't take steps to prevent Raynaud's episodes and many more don't even know that they have it. If, when you experience a drop in temperature, your fingers, toes and other extremities go white, followed by tingling, stinging, pain or numbness, then there's a chance that you may have Raynaud's. Raynaud's is usually harmless, but it can cause severe discomfort that lasts anywhere between a few minutes and an hour.

Raynaud's in Toes Can be Prevented
You can prevent Raynaud's episodes in your toes with these simple tips

The internet is full of advice for protecting your hands, however less so for your toes. Some people are affected particularly badly in their toes, and it can lead to difficulty walking in cold temperatures. This short article explains How to Prevent Raynaud's in Toes, explaining how with a few tips and tricks you can make winter more bearable.

Do I Have Raynaud's?

First things first, it's important to actually find out whether you do have Raynaud's. Raynaud's affects blood circulation, so when you're cold your blood vessels fail to retract, meaning that blood can't reach the ends of your fingers, toes, nose and other extremities. While we would recommend that you first visit a doctor to ensure no underlying health condition, if your fingers go white or blue, followed by pain, numbness, pins and needles or stiffness, there is a good chance that you have the condition.

A more accurate way of checking is by placing your fingers in a bucket of ice, then measuring how long it takes for your fingers to return to normal temperature using a thermometer. If it takes longer than 15 minutes, then it's probably Raynaud's. This article will now explain the top ways to prevent a Raynaud's attack in your fingers.

Dress Appropriately

There is no known cure for Raynaud's, so the best way of living with it is to try and reduce the chances of a Raynaud's attack. The best way of doing this when out of the house is to dress appropriately. The top ways of doing this we would recommend include:

  • Wearing thermal socks
  • Wearing heated insoles
  • Wearing heated socks
  • Wearing long, warm trousers
  • Avoiding snow, ice and water
  • Wearing two pairs of socks

It may seem common sense, but protecting your feet from the cold can work wonders to Raynaud's sufferers. However, this isn't always the case, and for those who have tried extra clothing to no avail can always try wearing copper.

Warm Short Copper Compression Raynaud's Socks

The Warm Short Copper Compression Raynaud's Socks use copper, which has the purpose of trapping heat below the material and preventing it from escaping. These high-tech socks are proven to reduce the chances of a Raynaud's attack, using the same thermal technology as used by NASA and some of the world's leading armies. The ultimate high-tech foot warming solution, these socks provide not just warmth, but comfort too.

Warm Short Copper Compression Raynaud's Socks
Warm Short Copper Compression Raynaud's Socks

Raynaud's Disease 9% Silver Socks

Alternatively you could always try silver. Silver works similarly to copper, as shown by the Raynaud's Disease 9% Silver Socks that work by trapping warmth below the surface of the socks material. These socks can help to reduce the chances of nerve damage, ensuring severe Raynaud's pain is alleviated during use.

Raynaud's Disease 9% Silver Socks
Raynaud's Disease 9% Silver Socks

Use Body Warmers

Body warmers are a proven way to warm the body instantly. By offering instant warmth anywhere on the body, a disposable or reusable warming pad can quickly heat core areas of the body should you experience a drop in temperature.

Improve Your Lifestyle

Lifestyle is a proven factor in improving or decreasing the quality of your blood circulation, so it only makes sense that having a healthy lifestyle will reduce the symptoms of Raynaud's disease. We would recommend reducing the amount of meat that you eat, and having a healthy, balanced diet. Some other tips that we would recommend include:

  • Practice breathing exercises
  • Start doing yoga
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol
  • Drink less caffeine

Stay Warm Wherever You Are

If your house is cold, or if you're going to be heading outside in a few minutes, then it's of most importance that you keep your feet as warm and cosy as they can be. There are plenty of ways to this, ranging from wearing multiple layers to using hot water bottles and other warming equipment.

Fleece-Cover Micro-Hottie

The Fleece-Cover Micro-Hottie can provide long-lasting comfort and pain relief, using its thermal pack to provide excellent heat that prevents pain. Non-flammable and using toxic-free material, this Micro Hottie can be placed on your feet to keep them toasty and warm. Once placed in the microwave, this Hottie will offer heat that lasts for up to four hours, perfect for a cold winter's night.

Fleece-Cover Micro-Hottie
Fleece-Cover Micro-Hottie

Prevent Raynaud's in Your Toes

There are plenty of ways to reduce the effects of Raynaud's in your toes, primarily by dressing appropriately and avoiding cold weather conditions. If your symptoms are more severe, we would recommend wearing Silver Socks, Copper Socks, Insoles, Foot Warmers and Electronic Foot Warmers, all designed to help alleviate the pain.

If you have a question or anything to add please leave us a comment or find us on Facebook or Twitter!

Warm Short Copper Compression Raynaud's Socks

Warm Short Copper Compression Raynaud's Socks

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  • Warms feet with the power of copper
  • Anti-odour properties eliminate foot smell
  • Improves blood flow to relieve many foot conditions
  • Great for Raynaud's inflicted, elderly, itchy, dry or cold feet
Raynaud's Disease 9% Silver Fibre Socks

Raynaud's Disease 9% Silver Fibre Socks

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  • Ideal for sufferers of Raynaud’s Disease
  • Silver thread helps to minimise heat loss
  • Helps with cold, numbness, tingling and pain
  • Proven to help keep your feet and toes warmer
Fleece-Cover Micro-Hottie

Fleece-Cover Micro-Hottie

In stock now  In stock now
  • Alternative to traditional hot water bottles
  • Lambswool-feel fleece cover
  • Reusable microwaveable thermal pack
  • Helps to relieve pain associated with Raynaud's disease

Patricia Fritz
08 April 2021  |  9:27

Do you export to the US? (I have a PayPal account) For the past two winters I've experienced Raynauds - starting at age 85, and living in California ( keep a cold house). Please alert your readers to the hazard of small injuries (pruning roses, cat scratches) which take weeks to heal and exacerbate the condition.

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