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​Why Do Silver Gloves Work?

23 September 2015

It was the Romans who first discovered the medicinal properties of silver, but don't think you're too late to enjoy the benefits in the 21st century -  Raynaud’s Disease sufferers can relieve their painful symptoms in the handy form of Silver Gloves!

Highly regarded by doctors, their patients and Raynaud’s charities worldwide, silver gloves are often the go-to product when it comes to make frozen fingers feel better. Preventing attacks and making tackling the daily tasks like reaching into the freezer easier, silver gloves protect against even the smallest temperature drop that would otherwise end in a painful bout of depleted blood flow and numbed fingers. 

Magical Metal

The health benefits of metal are nothing new, Hippocrates, father of medicine, discussed the healing properties of silver in his writings, the aristocracy of ancient Rome would drink from silver goblets knowing its antibacterial properties, World War I soldiers would treat wounds with silver leaf – and now we offer it to you, to protect hands from the winter chill!

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So how does a cold metal help keep hands warm? Because of how it reacts to heat! Silver has the highest “Infrared Reflectivity” (IR) rating of any metal, meaning that almost all – 95% in fact – of the heat that hits it is reflected back. The good news for numb fingertips, blue fingers and purple hands everywhere is that this 95% reflective rate sends body heat back to the source – your hands. So once you’ve got your mitts in a pair of silver gloves, the warmth you can feel isn’t going anywhere. 

Even the thickest or fluffiest winter glove can’t do what silver gloves can. Because silver releases heat slowly, there is minimum loss of warmth through radiant heat, just another of silver’s fantastic finger-friendly properties, not even your fleeciest outdoor gloves can’t boast that!

Healing hands

Not only great for keeping heat in, silver is a medical marvel for getting hands healed. Raynaud’s-stricken hands are likely to also suffer from chillbains, this is when the skin becomes inflamed and itchy after being exposed to the cold. The healing process of a chilblain often results in blistering which can become easily infected, ending in scarring or further complications. The antibacterial nature of silver can help heal and relieve chillbains bought on by Raynaud’s while its unbeatable heat-retention can stop them from recurring. In the same way that silver socks keep feet fresh and free of odours, silver gloves maintain a healthy and clean environment for sensitive hands. 

Silver Fingered

Silver gloves will keep your hands happy and warm throughout the winter months, provided they have heat to reflect. We recommend combining them with a hand warmer for almost infinite heat wherever and whenever you need it!

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Raynaud's Disease Deluxe Silver Gloves

Raynaud's Disease Deluxe Silver Gloves

In stock now  In stock now
  • Deluxe silver gloves ideal for Raynaud's disease
  • Heat-retaining 12% silver thread keeps hands warm
  • Thin material allows full dexterity – ideal for use as liners
  • Featuring antimicrobial and anti-static materials 
Raynaud's Disease Fingerless Silver Gloves

Raynaud's Disease Fingerless Silver Gloves

In stock now  In stock now
  • Fingerless gloves that prevent Raynaud's Disease episodes
  • Fingerless design aids in dexterity, sensitivity and control
  • Infused in silver to prevent heat from escaping
  • Suitable also those with diabetes, infections, ulcers and more
Raynaud's Disease Silver Gloves

Raynaud's Disease Silver Gloves

In stock now  In stock now
  • Silver gloves ideal for Raynaud's disease
  • Heat-retaining silver thread keeps hands warm
  • Antimicrobial design for hygiene and freshness
  • Also great for wearing as glove liners

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