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How To Keep Warm Working From Home

21 December 2021

Whether you suffer from Raynaud's disease or feel the cold more generally, as many of us begin working from home this winter, the urge to crank up the heating during the day seems all too tempting. With temperatures outside continuing to fall causing the majority of us to spend more of our time indoors, the battle between keeping costs low and staying warm throughout the cold spell is set to be a tricky one to navigate. 

Thankfully, we've figured this one out for you. From heat retaining gloves to foot warming slippers, here's How To Keep Warm Working From Home this winter and without breaking the bank. 

What Products Will This Guide Cover?

Raynaud's Disease Fingerless Silver Gloves

Having cold fingers can make basic tasks like typing more difficult to carry out. With heat retaining powers, the Raynaud's Disease Fingerless Silver Gloves are an ideal companion for your hands this winter. With fingerless tips, these gloves enable your hands and fingers to move naturally and with no compromise on warmth. 

Raynaud's Disease Fingerless Silver Gloves



  • Made from fine-combed cotton and natural silver for your comfort 
  • Helps keep a high-freedom of movement
  • Ideal for Raynaud's disease, diabetes and poor circulation 
  • Shapes perfectly to the shape of your hand and fingers



Why we love them: Keep your hands and fingers warm and free to carry out work-based activities like typing. 

SnugToes Funmi Plush Heated Slippers 

What could be better than a pair of slippers that keep your feet warm than a pair which heat them too? The SnugToes Funmi Plush Heated Slippers combine warm, soft materials with heat pads to keep your feet and toes snug while you wear them.

SnugToes Funmi Heated Slippers

  • Inserted heat pads release heat to your feet and toes that is stored in the slipper by the inside material 
  • Uses a memory foam sole to provide you with the ultimate comfort with each step
  • Comes with two pairs of gloves so you can have interchangeable use
  • Elasticated to hug your feet and keep them warm and cosy 


Why we love them: Provide ultimate warmth for your feet on even the coldest of floors.

HotRox Double-Sided Electronic Handwarmer with Power-Bank Function

Arguably the most annoying symptom of being cold: freezing hands. The HotRox Double-Sided Electronic Handwarmer with Power-Bank Function is an effective way to warm cold hands and provides you with up to six hours of heat during use. 

HotRox Double-Sided Electronic Handwarmer with Power Bank


  • Ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in your palm so you can enjoy the HotRox's benefits while you work
  • Two settings of 45 degrees Celsius and 50 degrees Celsius for varied heat
  • Provides between three to six hours of warmth (depending on the setting chosen)
  • Easy and quick to charge (between two and four hours)



Why we love it: Provides immediate warmth to soothe cold hands while you work.

Beurer Grey Electric Heated Cushion HK48

Using cushioning to support your back can make the world of difference if you are sat at a desk all day, so why not choose a cushion with thermal properties to keep you warm and comfortable this winter. The Beurer Grey Electric Heated Cushion HK48 uses cushioning and warmth to simulate the effect of a hot water bottle and keep you warm while at home. 

Beurer Grey Electric Heated Cushion


  • Three temperature options for controllable warmth
  • Turbo heating options for maximum relief immediately
  • Can be used to heat any part of the body
  • Made using breathable materials for your comfort 



Why we love it: Helps to keep you warm while also providing support for your back while you work.

Five Toe Warming Copper Socks

Wearing socks is a great way to regulate body temperature and keep your feet and toes free from the cold. The Five Toe Warming Copper Socks provide unrivalled heat retention for your feet and help to improve things like blood flow, so your feet can remain toasty and warn this winter. 

Five Toe Warming Copper Socks


  • Uses copper infused fabric to provide ultimate warmth to your feet
  • Provide seamless, glove-like coverage for each toe 
  • Lightweight, comfortable and breathable 
  • Thermal regulation properties help to improve blood flow and so can be used to treat conditions like arthritis




Why we love them: The ultimate high-tech warmth solution for your feet this winter.

With any one of our hot picks, you can stay warm while working from home this winter. We'd love to hear your thoughts about the range, so why not let us know what you think by leaving us a comment on Facebook or Twitter.

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